Changing state to display larger image

May 01, 2019

Hi, I thought I found the perfect solution to my problem in the forum yesterday! Unfortunately, not...I need some help to figure out if what I want to do can be done. I have attached some slides to show you what I did.

In the course I am building, the SME did not like the magnifying glass showing within the image so I went looking for a way to move it (didn't find anything - but maybe I missed that info?). So I found the post about changing the state of the image and that worked great - however, when I preview the slide, the text shows through the picture. Pretty sure that won't fly :-)

So, 2 asks:

  1. Can the location of the magnifying glass be changed?
  2. Is there a way to hide the text on the slide when the picture displays in the state that shows when hovering?
  3. I thought of creating lightbox slides for each image - would that be a solution?

Help is greatly appreciated!

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Steve Gannon

Hi Jane,

You can ensure the image appears above the text simply by bringing the image to the front (Picture Tools Format tab > Arrange > Bring to Front). Alternately you can drag the images up to the top in the Timeline or send the text behind the images.

If you want to hide all of the text when the "larger image" state appears, in your "larger image" state, just draw a white rectangle over all the text and send it behind the large photo.

The location of the magnifying glass cannot be dragged to a new location but you cause it to appear beneath the lower left of the image with a little image editing trick.

  1. Bring the large version of the image temporarily onto the slide itself (not in the state).
  2. Drag a rectangle onto the slide directly covering the large image and then extend that rectangle down beyond the bottom of the image (say, about 1/2 inch or 50 pixels or so). 
  3. Remove the border of the rectangle and make the fill 100% transparent.
  4. Group the large image and the rectangle.
  5. Right-click the group, select Export Picture > Save Picture and save that group as a png. 
  6. Delete the group and import the picture you just created; scale it down so it appears at the small size you want it to begin with.
  7. Apply the Zoom Picture feature onto the picture. The magnifying glass will now appear below the visible image.

And, yes, you can also use a Lightboxed slide if you don't like the options above.


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