Changing state with a cumulative variable trigger

Hi community

I am about to embark upon creating a branched scenario module where a decision is rated. I tried working a proof of concept where the user clicks a shape and a value is added to the cumulative variable (result) e.g. add value 2 to result when user clicks Rectangle 1.

The final slide is supposed to change the state of a text box e.g. change state of text box 2 to Normal if result > o, after a threshold is reached. I have even tried changing state of a shape, and showing a layer; and even lowered the threshold to be greater than zero.

%result% shows the increment in value, but the trigger is not firing.

Any help greatly appreciated.

- Michael

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Walt Hamilton

Variable changes can only be "heard" on the slide that changes the variable. Otherwise, every slide would have to keep track of what the value of each variable was the last time the slide was open to see if it is different this time when the slide opens, or every slide slide have to be open  all the time listening for variables to change. It would run too slowly to be useful :)