Changing States

Apr 08, 2013

Got a question...

I have four buttons on my screen, the first three are set up to take you to different areas of the course. When you return to the main menu, if you've been to their respective slides, they change their states to "visited" and show a little check mark.

That all works fine - however, with my four/last button, I want that to stay "disabled" until the previous three buttons have been "visited."

For whatever reason, I am having the hardest time with this. Please help. THANKS!


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Tim, here is how I would do this.

On the fourth button set the initial state to disabled.

Next add a slide trigger as follows:

Action: Change State

On Object: Button 4

To state: Normal

When: Timeline Starts

Object: Slide Name

On Condition:  (note when adding the conditions you have to select the Shape radio button - not the variable)

Button 1's state is visited


Button 2's state is visited


Button 3's shape is visited

This should do it

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