changing states by adjusting variables

I have a set of resources (not on the default SL2 resources page) that I want to be available once a student has completed the related lesson.  I set the resource button for the lesson materials to start as disabled and with a trigger to set it to normal once the variable 'lesson x complete' is set to true.  Then I went back to the lesson scene and tried setting the submit button on the final quiz as the trigger to adjust the variable 'lesson x complete' to true when the user clicks.  That did not work so I set several other triggers on the quiz layers (correct/incorrect/review) to adjust the variable 'lesson x complete' to true when the user clicks on any of the possible buttons.  I made sure to have that trigger at the top of the list, but still it does not affect the resource button in the resources scene.  Hellllp, please.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sylvia -- I agree with Michael. It's always easier for members of the community to weigh in with ideas and suggestions if they are able to take a look at how you may already have things set up. Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left corner of the reply box, and you will be able to browse for your file from there. :)

Sylvia Wright

I figured it out :).  Thanks to a discussion that suggested having the variable change when the timeline starts I set the Lesson complete variable value to change to true when the timeline started on the last quiz for the lesson.  Then on the materials page I set the button to "show layer" (of the materials) as normal if the variable Lesson x was true. Thus, the layers on the quiz slide did not matter since the variable changed when the base layer timeline started.  THANKS community! You sure are MY heroes.

Sylvia Wright

I am wondering though if there is any advantage to setting the initial state to Normal instead of Disabled and having the state change to disabled if the lesson variable is false.  The results appear to be the same, but if anyone has any experience that suggests one way is better than the other, I'd be grateful!