Changing states for multiple objects

I have a slide that has multiple layers to view a different video. I have created a buttons for each layer. What I want to happen is when the user clicks on a button it changes color, but I want it to change back to its original color when they click on another button. This will allow the user to know which video they are currently viewing. Is there and easy way of accomplishing this without creating a multiple triggers for each button. Right now I feel like I will have 14 triggers for each button.

Below is an image of my current slide.


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LaKeisha  Purnell

I'm back with another question. I have a video on each layer that automatically starts as you go to a new layer. However the videos don't automatically stop with another layer is selected. From what I tested, I am still hearing the video in the base layer. What is the easiest way to tell the videos to stop playing when another layer is clicked?