Changing states of Buttons on Main Menu


I have been putting together a demonstration in Storyline. Steep learning curve but overall very impressive!

My demonstration invovles a main menu with four buttons from which users can branch off to four different knowledge areas.

My question is this.

At the end of each knowledge area, I have setup a quiz and upon successful completion of the quiz I direct the learner back to the main menu. I want the button on the main menu to become disabled upon returning to the main menu. (i.e. of which the underlying content and successful quiz  has been completed) .

I have been fiddling about with states but cannot quite seem to get it to happen? Any suggestions?



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Steve Flowers

States don't transfer between slides. You'll want to transport that status with a variable. So when you reach a completion event for your segment (like when you finish a quiz or hit a specific slide) you'll change the variable contents.

s1Complete (True/False - default False) - adjust variable to true when the page / event is hit

Now on your main menu, setup a trigger to change the state of your object or button to disabled on timeline start but only if the condition is met: s1Complete == True.

Here's a file I built way back in the Beta. It contains a feature you can't accomplish anymore (writing to a results score variable - unsure why this trigger target was removed, have been begging for it's re-addition). Other than that it demonstrates what you're looking for with the section / menu completion.

Curtis Kynerd

OK, here is my dilemma.  First I created 6 buttons on the slide master to control navigation in my course.  One of my objectives was to have a Selected state when the learner was on a slide contained in "Button 1" for example.  I quickly realized I could not do this from the slide master.  So, I placed the buttons on each individual slide (I'm sure I'm not being very efficient here).  That worked, so that I could set the Selected state for each slide depending on where that slide was within the menu structure. 

Now here is my problem.  If i click back to a previously visited slide, I get 2 buttons showing the Selected state,  If I visit a slide a 3rd time I get 3 buttons showing the Selected state, etc.  So, does this indicate that I need to change the Slide Property, When revisiting to something other than Automatically Decide.  Or is there something else I am missing that is causing this unusual behavior? 

Leslie McKerchie

Perfect, Ryan. I appreciate you letting me know. It looks like one of the support engineers, Cleo, is already taking a look.

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