Changing states of characters

I am trying to change a character state when a user clicks outside a hotspot.  I can achieve this with a trigger but what if you want the same when statement to then bring a third state, for example,

In a software simulation, a user clicks the wrong key and the first state appears. The user clicks the wrong key again and the second state appears. Lastly the user clicks the wrong key again and a final state appears.  How would I achieve this?

I tried adding a condition to the trigger to say If shape is equal to but that didn't work.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Debbie,

It sounds like you may need to add some variables to this set up, so that Storyline will know what to do based on the first attempt, second, and final. You could create a variable titled "Character state" and that when you click outside the hotspot, it would add 1 to the variable count. On the second click, you'd set the condition to change state of character to the second state, if variable Character state equals 1, and so on for the final attempt. 

Probably easier to just show you the sample file - I only did this with two states, but the third should be just as easy. 

Debbie H

I got this to work- sort of but still having problems.  Would it be possible for you to check where I am going wrong.  It works to the fourth slide then goes straight to the fourth state? Could I send the story to someone to check? I have to demo this tomorrow morning to decide if we going to buy Storyline or not.