Changing states of groups

Dec 07, 2012


I am using a main menu in a course that controls the order for sections to be completed. Each section is its own scene, and when the scene is completed it directs the participant back to the menu. I want to dissable the triggers until the previous section has been completed so they will have to follow the correct order. There are three sections and a final exam at the end that they cannot take untill all three previous sections are completed.

My section triggers are grouped objects as opposed to a button or single object, and therefore are giving me trouble. I want my group 2 tigger to be dissabled untill the participant completes section one, and so on.  Is there a way to work around this without having to alter the design of the slide?

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Cath P

I must admit I find it terribly frustrating that you can't put a trigger on a group to change the state of all the objects within that group or am I missing something.  I even tried to include objects within a scrolling bar to see if this would work but even this is not available on a triggers list.

If there is anyway to include this in a future version you would certainly be my heroes. 


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