Changing states of the player 'next' button

Jan 07, 2015

Having issues with the 'next' button. I have four objects with conditions on them so that the next button is disabled till all four objects have been clicked. However I am struggling to find an option to change the state of the button. Ideally I would like the 'next' button opacity to be 50% or 'ghosted out' to show users that they should not click it until they have clicked on all four objects. Doe's this functionality within Storyline 2 to do this?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Alastair

you can have a trigger on the Next Button in SL2 so that it is disabled to begin with and looks like it is greyed out depending on the colour scheme you have.


Change state of next button to disabled when Timeline starts on Slide 1

Change state of next button to normal when state of (your 4 objects) have changed to selected or visited - whatever your condition is.

This is in disabled state - would indicate to me I couldn't click it yet

Alastair Macgregor

Hello Wendy,

Thanks for getting back to me. This is exactly what ma looking for.

Just a couple of things.

1.  Am using a custom player using the advanced options so I can brand it up to my clients colours etc. I don't see any options for a disabled state within the drop down to get the above effect. Just wondering if it is still possible in this instance?

2. Was wondering if there was any screen casts or tutorials of the above process. Understand creating triggers but don't really know how to attach triggers to the player buttons as opposed to buttons and objects within the slide.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Alastair

if you are using custom buttons you can create your own states.  This is a shape - only has a normal state.  Click the edit states tab - then click the duplicate this state option.  Look in the dropdown list for 'disabled' state and then format the shape as you want it. I then set the initial state of the Next button to disabled.  Then you create the trigger I set before which is change state to normal when your four objects have been visited.



 Here is a link to the SL2 tutorials

Shout out if you need more help...or upload your .story file if you want us to troubleshoot anything.

Robert Knight

I have been using the "Change state of the next button to Disabled When the timeline starts" and the ""Change state of the next button to Normal When the timeline ends" , however this isn't working all that well when I have to put the "change state to normal" on a layer.

Any suggestions. Funny thing is I believe this does work in some cases and it works very well if there are no layers.

Robert Knight

Thanks Wendy

So what I have been trying (in the example attached) is to put the "Change state of the next button to Disabled When the timeline starts" on the Base Layer and in this case put the "Change state of next button to Normal When the timline ends" on the last layer.

You mentioned some things I can do to change the Next button state to Normal when on the last layer. What are they?


Alison  L.

Just wanted to check in/ and maybe(?) update it for SL 3/360. I get that you can you can do a TRIGGER and "change state of" to (1) Normal (2) Hiddlen (3) Disabled. 

Has there been any updates to being able to change the appearance OF the player prev/next buttons in their different states?.

(I see is you can still change various parts of the button in the classic player as per usual, and modern player provides three "Button styles"...) -- but what about "disabled".  I'm guessing not since you only offer the state change to "disable"  (and not 'hover' or 'selected') and therefore not worth going into the rigamarole of allowing for user changes to the player buttons.

But, figured I would at least ask. 




Wendy Farmer

Hi Janet

create a True/False variable (e.g. viewed_Rec) and default to False.

On the slide with the recording, set a trigger:

  • Adjust variable viewed_Rec when recording completes (timeline completes), or user clicks a button (not sure what objects you have on that slide).

On the original slide they jump from set these triggers:

  1. Change state of Next button to disabled when timelines starts on condition variable (viewed_Rec) is not equal to True.
  2. Change state of Next button to normal when timeline starts on condition variable (viewed_Rec) is equal to True.
Janet Nesseth

OK - I did the "Record Screen" option, and did test mode, and demo mode.  (they are each on a separate scene)  I wasn't sure where to put the trigger of Variable_Rec, do I put that on the last slide of that scene, or the first?  I did the steps above, and the Next button is disabled, but will not go back to Normal when that slide is revisited. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Janet

SL executes triggers in order so if you have the variable trigger after the jump to slide it won’t work. 

After which scene do you want them to come back to the original screen? Put that trigger on the last slide of that scene - make sure the trigger is before the jump to slide scene.

On the original slide make sure the triggers to change the next button state are on ‘timeline start’ of the slide not one of the objects 

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