Changing states using variables (Gamification course)

Hi all,

I am working on a module containing some gamification elements. One of the elements is a changing illustrated character, the patient. He grows more happy if you, the doctor, ask him the right questions, and angry if you ask the wrong ones.

The user gets a set of questions on which he can click. The question opens in a  lightbox slide (a new layer would also be fine). If it was a correct question, the patient grows a bit happier; if not, he gets a bit angrier. A radio button, placed outside the slide, checks for each question if the user had selected it before.
The state of the patient is also shown by a progress bar on the main slide, which goes from red to orange to green (=happy).

This is done by a number variable 'Tevredenheid', which starts at 3. A correct question adds ~1 to the variable 'Tevredenheid', a wrong one substracts -1.

Note; for testing purposes, the first 5 questions open in a lightbox, the last 5 questions open in a layer.


The state of the patient on the lightbox slide changes fine. But not on the main slide, nor does the progress bar do anything. What am I missing here?

The storyline 2 file is attached.


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Michael Hinze

On 1.3 change the slide triggers that change the states of the progress meter and the character from When timeline starts to When Variable Tevredenheid changes. On each of the layers, make sure that that the Hide Layer on the Volgende vraag button is executed last. This will fix the questions shown on layers in thsi slide.

Note: For the first five (lightboxed) question this approach will not work, because the variable is changed on the lightboxed slide. If you do decide to use lightboxes, then you need to use a different approach.