Changing states when returning from a different scene

I have been trying to create a course where there are buttons that navigate you from one slide to a different slide/scene and once u select the exit button, it will navigate you back to that "home" menu and you will then be able to click the next button. However, no matter what different triggers or conditions i use there are various problems that keep happening. Ive been also following this link: but these are the issues that keep occuring: 

1: when the timeline initially starts it is already in the "completed" state when I want it to start as disabled and be in the "completed" state after returning from the slide it was previously on. 

2: when the user returns to the main menu slide, the button that was selected is not in its "completed" state, but the next button that they need to press is in a "normal" state which is only half of what i want. 

Originally in making this course i was using lightboxes (as you will see in my file), but since im not able to adjust when the user can exit out of the lightbox this was my other option since i had already created new slides. If this issue cant be fixed is there another way I am able to create this and to possibly evem avoid having to use a million different layers under 1-3 slides. I need to fix this first issue before I can apply it to the rest and take out the other 2 lightboxes.

See attached file. Note: my formating might look a mess because i just copied and pasted this into a new story. The buttons and triggers are all the same and issues are all the same. 

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