Changing states when using grouped objects

I am using the process interaction slide from the storyline 360 radiance template. I want to change the icons but have hit the following snag. When I ungroup the tab, copy the formatting of the old icon, replace it with the new and regroup it, the new icon does not change state when I hover over the button. It is obviously possible as it worked with the old icon. Am I missing something obvious?

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Paul Brennan


If you want to change an icon which is part of a button,

1. Ungroup the button

2. Copy the formatting from the original icon onto the new icon

3. Replace the old icon with the new

4. Ungroup the new icon

5. Regroup the entire button including the icon

I found through trial and error that if an icon consists of several elements which are already grouped you can not simply reformat and replace and regroup. You have to ungroup both elements. I suspect that may be obvious to some but it took me quite a while to work out so hope it may help somebody out there :)