Changing states with a variable.

What I am looking to do is to use a slider to show set of slices of a CT scan. I'm thinking that using a variable and the states of an image might be the way to go but i'm not sure now to do it without using the change states option in the action settings. Thus avoiding a huge amount of triggers.

What I am ultimately thinking is, is that I could have the variable change by one and that would change the image state either to the next image state to the right (as in the layout of states window) when the variable increases and to the next one to the left when the number decreases. 

Would this be a possibility?

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Michael Hinze

A slider already has a variable attached that you can use to change the state of an image object. Yes, depending on how many image slices you have, it can take a lot of triggers but that's the way to go. Here is one example that uses an image object with 140 states to create the illusion of an object rotating.