Changing "Story.html"

Sep 12, 2012

Once a presentation published in Storyline it gets the extension "story.html".  Can this be changed or will changing it cause problems with the presentation?

For example:

I would like to create interactive tutorials for people who are starting a new ministry.  Each one would have a different tutorial like "How to start"  that I would have as "start.html" , "How to choose a location", that would be "location.html"   I wanted them in the same folder and to link to each presentation.

Is this possible (or even advisable)?  Thank you for your time.

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Russell Still

I routinely change the story.html to something else. If I change it to default.html, then a call to the directory (without explicitely calling story.html) makes the links a little cleaner. I also add javascript tracking code into the story.html file so that I can see who, when, and how many times the project is run.

Rev Michelle

I would just like to say Thank you to each of you for answering my question.  Your reponse and knowledge has been such a blessing to me. Especially learning that  one can not only change the name, but the extension and that with javascript one could add tracking.

Again, Thank you for the wealth of information!!!!  Many blessings.

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