Changing style of text during the narration

I would like to know if there's a way to change style of text during the narration ? I have a numbered list and some word need to be bolded when the narration pronounce them. I already use fadeIn "By Paragraph" to make every bullet appear one after the other, but then, when key words are pronounced I need them to be bolded. 

Any idea how ? 

Thank you.

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Jerry Beaucaire


  1. Add your bullet as it's own separate  text box.
  2. Add a state called BOLD and in that state adjust your formatting to appear as needed.
  3. Use the timeline to cause the box to appear as a bullet when needed
  4. Use a trigger to change the state of the box to the BOLD state at the moment needed
  5. Optionally use another trigger to set the box back to normal when needed.


I normally would not do this.  I would normally time this line to appear as needed and I already have the key words bold on the line and they stay bold the whole time.  The emphasis is stronger in my opinion in this presentation.