Changing the Active Mouse Cursor

Is there any way to change the mouse cursor icon within a course? This discussion is the closest I can find but it fails to address the issue. I do not want to watch the tutorial on how to insert a simple arrow icon or make do with a drag and drop interaction. Can I change the actual cursor that the user moves around with his or her mouse?

Thanks to anyone who can provide insight. Otherwise I'll make a feature request on the issue.

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Andy Whitman

Hi Ashley, thanks for your response. That's what I assumed, but I was hoping someone knew a secret that I did not. I submitted a feature request as I've seen other programs with this functionality or at least something like it.

Think outside the box for a second; what if there were a way to make Storyline recognize the cursor as an object? You could set the cursor object to hidden. Then, if they created some functionality that allows objects to follow other objects around the player, you could have that object 'follow' the hidden cursor and it would appear that the cursor has changed.