Changing the answer feedback pop ups for entire question bank in Storyline 360

Hi community!

I suspect there is a quick solution, but I'm not finding it so far and would love some tips. I'm building a Storyline course and had some feedback from my test group that the colors in the feedback states that come up for correct/incorrect responses in the quiz were difficult to see. The default colors falls below accessibility guidelines for contrast and I would like to bulk change the colors for all the slides at once rather than one by one through the states. Any tips on how to accomplish this?

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Jerry Beaucaire
  1. Click on the feedback layer of one of the questions so it selected
  2. Click on VIEW > Feedback Master
  3. Make your style edits on the master slides and these changes will be reflected on all the slides that use that particular Feedback Master

Note, you can create multiple Feedback Master layouts, then swap between them easily (even on individual questions) in FORM VIEW.