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Frank Natt

Hi Ryan,

go into your project, New Slide, Results Slide and insert your slide. Once you insert your Results Slide, if you go to the bottom right corner to Slide Layers, you can click on "Failure" or "Success". When you click on the "Failure" or "Success" layer, the main Results Slide is "grayed-out" or super-imposed.

So now that you have selected your layer, whether it is the "Failure" or the "Success" layer you can simply insert a character and change the expression as well as the pose to reflect the mood of the character to be consistent with wheter or not the student has passed or failed the quiz or exam.

Keep in mind that you may have to tweak the main Results Slide depending on how large or small that you want your character to be. For example on the main Results Slide, you may have to move your text to the left or the right depending on the size and the position of the character that you have placed.

I would create a Screenr but that's a seperate issue that I have to speak to IT about given the fact that I am responding on my "work" computer rather than my own personal computer. I hope this helps.