Changing the color of text in the notes section

I just noticed that the color of some of the text in the notes section comes up  black but most is the blue seen within the player.  I have never noticed this before with Storyline 1.  I have converted my projects to Storyline 2 and it seems the text changes I have made now appear black and not the blue.

How do I correct this so they all are the same color?


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Joseph   Peterka

I have noticed that the notes from my existing updated (to Storyline 2) Storyline 1 projects are black in the notes editing area and blue when previewed and published as desired.  But new imported notes are black in the editing area and black in the preview.

So if I chance the color in the editing area for these new notes to blue for those changes it will now be blue when previewed.  But the unedited notes are still black in the editing area and still preview blue as before.

This of course is problematic as some remain blue in the preview yet are black in the notes editing area and some require me to change the color in the notes editing area to show up correctly in the preview/published.

As many of my projects have many slides (40+) some notes need to be changed in the editing area while many do not!  So by just looking in the editing area is no help.  Now I have to preview to ensure the output is consistent.

It seems the the update does not change the behavior from Storyline 1 which is good but new changes now require an additional step.  Sorry but that sucks ;(

Emily Ruby

Hello Joseph,

Changing the notes color and format  has changed in Storyline 2. In Storyline 1, you could edit the color in the Player properties. All changes to the notes must now be made in the editing area of your file. You will need to select the notes and change the color to blue, and this is what will appear in the published mode in the Player.

Amelia Griggs

Hi Emily, I'm having an issue where Notes on some slides show in white color instead of black. I went in the Notes area on all slides, selected all, and changed text color to Black. Then I previewed each slide and they showed ok in black (although on at least 2 slides, the font is different even though it says Open Sans on all slides in Notes); then I published and saved locally, and when I view in the browser, the Notes are showing up white on every single slide. Exception: some slides with bullets show text white but bullets black, but it's not consistent. I tried launching my locally published course in both IE and Chrome.

Please help/advise as soon as you can.


(See attached examples)