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Eileen Meliksetian

This would be a great feature, especially for software simulation training. Currently I am using scrolling panels that house images that also have scrolling panels for our application training. It would be hugely helpful to the learner to reference the scrolling panel scroll bar with a different color. Any other suggestions on how I can call out the scroll bar for the learner?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Joanne -- Thank you so much for reaching out here, and for submitting your feature request!

Ideas and suggestions are absolutely valued and are carefully considered by our Product Development team. You may find it useful to take a look at this oldie-but-goodie blog post on our Feature Request Process by Product Operations Manager, Gabe Anderson. 

joanne k

So, I came up with an ok solution (hopefully temporary need): I can't make the scroll bar itself change color, but at least can add a color shape (rectangle) and place it behind the scroll box, so it makes the scroll bar and content appear as one, instead of the scroll bar hanging out alone, looking silly.