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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eimear,

Sorry, I may not have been clear - it won't make any changes to your previous captions, only new captions that you add in after making it the default and it won't override the shadow element. You may also want to look at using the format painter to make quick adjustments across multiple slides. 

Celeste Murray


I have text boxes on slides in my Master Slide. To match our style guide, I've change the font to Lucida sans unicode. Everything looks fine, until I close out and go into a slide and start typing in those text boxes - everything is now Arial. This is so frustrating. I've checked my Master Slide a dozen times and can't figure out what is wrong.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Celeste

are you checking the layout for the slides is choosing the master layout with Lucida Unicode.

I just tried this in SL2 and it worked.  I created one one the sub layouts with Lucida Unicode and then created a new slide, chose that layout and it displays 'Click to add title' in the correct font which i can then go in and change to what I want.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christian, 

There isn't a way to change it from being the default setting - but there are a few other threads where they've shared ideas on how to adjust it after:

How Can I Se "no shadow" in Caption Text Default

Can I remove the drop shadow from my captions text

Shadow Text Default

Hope that helps provide you with a few other options for ways in which to change this. 

Carl Boyd

Hello, I'm about to lose my mind here.

I have built my own slide master and feedback master with Helvetica only,  and somehow a different font keeps creeping in when I insert a shape and start typing. I've checked, and still no other fonts are in the slide master. There is only one set of slide master and feedback master. 

More angering, is that it won't let me simply manually change the font on the text boxes! How does that happen?

Jane Latchford

Hi all,

Just worked out another use for Ray's approach to replace and format my text for my imported View, Try and Test files in Storyline 360. It means that I can enter the text I need to display in Storyline in the translation file and format it at the same time. Import it and magic happens. Going to save heaps of time in developing and formatting my sim text.

All the best,