Changing the Default Highlght Color/Shape

I'm having difficulty finding information on changing the color of the default highlight (blue #ADD8E6) that is inserted during recording. My client wants an orange (@FFC000) and, in order to meet their request, I've been forced to manually change the fill/outline colors manually. I can't tell you how much time this is costing me and I'd like to find a way to automate this process. Any suggestions.



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Kim Simmons

I've searched thread after thread and finally stumbled upon this thread. The last comment from Nancy W. is

Hi Sarah,  there is no way to change the default settings for the animations or the colour of the hint captions. The only settings that you can control are whether to include the mouse cursor, the captions and the blue highlight that indicates where the user should click. 

I usually turn off the captions and the blue highlight and then just create my own captions after producing the demo. I find it faster than going back and adjusting all the captions that were created by storyline.

This thread is two years old, it this still a true statement? You can't change the default color/shape of the blue highlight box!?!

Kim Simmons

Thank you for the blog post Rebecca. It's a great resource for styling textboxes, captions, and what not. Unfortunately, I hasn't helped with the highlight textbox (see below) that's used whenever and element on the screen is clicked. When clicks are captured the desired area is capture in a blue transparent textbox. I can't figure out how to change that.

I have tried to customize the color from the Design tab and haven't been successful.