Changing the design of sequenced drag and drop questions

Mar 23, 2018

How do I change the coloring and shape of these drag and drop elements?


 Sequenced drag and drop question


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Eric Benson

I looked around the discussions for a bit. It's seams there is not currently a way to do that in a graded sequence drag and drop. You can do it using a freeform drag and drop.

Steps for recreating a sequence drag and drop in a freeform question.

  1. Under the Slides tab and click freeform question.
  2. Select the Drag and drop option.
  3. Create your drop spaces with any shape or color you want.
    1. I opted for gray, but you could just as easily make them invisible.
    2. Just make sure you number the spaces if invisible.
  4. Select and copy all of your space shapes to make your answer shapes.
  5. Place all of your answer shapes either stacked on top of each other or displayed separately.
    1. Just don't start them out on your drop spaces.
    2. I'll explain why in a second.
    3.  I chose to stack them in this example.
  6. Next switch to the freeform view. 
  7. Match all the answers with the correct drop space.
  8. If you chose to stack them, you can get the answers to shuffle by selecting the shuffle answers option.
  9. Next, click the Drag & Drop Options button.
  10. Select the "Snap dropped items to drop target"  and the "Allow only one item in each drop target".
    1. By doing this if you move an answer to a space that already has an answer on it, it will snap the old answer back its starting position.
    2. In my case, back to the stack.
    3. Here is why you should start them on an answer space. If the answer shapes start on answer shapes, the "Allow only one item in each drop target" won't work.

That's pretty much it. You can customize it however you wish. I tried to find a way to animate the bounce back to make it more visually interesting and easer for the learner to see what's happening, but I couldn't figure out a way to do that...YET!! 

I'll add animate bounce back as a feature request. 

I've added an example file and a video of how I made it. 

Hope it helps.

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