Changing the font size in simulation


We are preparing pedagogical materials (simulations) to train on using a software. We have encountred a problem when realizing an exercise ( steps of mode evaluation. Plz, see the document attached "question"). The problem is that we could not change the font size of the data that the final user needs to type when using the exercise..and somtimes the font size change by it self and  we couldn't correct it (look at the attached document "question2" )!

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Ben Boozer

I had this exact same problem and it was related to the fact that my project was sized larger then the default Storyline project. I could not resolve the problem but did come up with a workaround.

  1. From View > Slide Master duplicate the Master Slide. (you will now have another set of master slides labeled "Custom"
  2. On the the Custom Master Slide, edit the Master text styles for the font and size you want in your exercise
  3. Close the Master Slide view and return to the exercise slide
  4. Right click the exercise slide and select the corresponding custom layout from the Layout menu