Changing the Indent Level of Menu Items in Storyline 360

Is there a faster, less tedious way of changing the indent level of menu items than the following?:

1. Select a title in the Menu pane of the player settings.
2. Click the right arrow to increase the indent or the left arrow to decrease the indent.

It would be helpful to select a bunch of slides at once with shift + click and/or be able to designate certain layouts to be set to different levels by default! Thanks :)

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Crystal Horn

Hi Beth! If you organize your slides into scenes, the player menu will automatically create scene headings and indented slide titles. This method might get you closer to where you need to be with the menu! You can choose whether those scenes start as collapsed or open in the menu, keeping a clean look in your player.

Let me know what you think!

Beth Niedzwecki

Thanks for your reply, Crystal!

The issue with creating additional scenes in this giant project my team and I are working on (8000+ slides in 100+ story files), is that it was previously developed (in another program) with a topic slide to divide the sections and let the learner know what's coming next.

In this case, if placed in separate scenes, there would be a scene heading and then an identical topic slide heading in the menu which could seem redundant? Anyhow, I think it's too late to go back and separate everything for this one. We'll definitely keep your suggestion in mind to use scenes for future endeavors! This is our first major project with this program, always glad for ideas to make the process more efficient.

P.S. Still hoping the ability to select multiple slides in the player menu properties will be added at some point though! ;)