Changing the outline colour of radio button in a multiple choice question

Apr 23, 2020


I am creating a multiple choice question on a slide with a dark background.  Is it possible to change the outline (from grey to white) of the radio button for the options so that they stand out better?  I have changed the accent colours  in design and the control but this doesn't seem to change the outline.

thank you 

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Stephanie Powner

Hi Len

Thanks for your help.  Unfortunately i can't select the radio button separately within the answer options to allow me to reformat that separately. There is also no way i can see to 'ungroup' the answer option to a text box plus the radio button control.  I am wondering if the options are a built in type on a question slide?

Many thanks Stephanie

Stephanie Powner

Hi Len

Thanks so much for taking the time to do the screencast - its allowed me work out what is going on.  I am using a template I purchased - not one in the Storyline content library.  It doesn't use the usual Storyline multiple choice approach, but something they created as a freeform question.  The options use a text box with various states and the radio button element is in the states - so you can't select or edit the radio button element without choosing states and edit.  I could see it but not edit which had me totally confused. 

Thanks again for your help 

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