Changing the scene NUMBER not name

Seems like it should be a simple thing to do, but after reading multiple past threads, has anyone figured out how to change the scene numbers? I am sending a Word doc for reviewers but it generates in order of the Scene number-NOT the actual order the slides are linked in the module.

Resetting the menu in the Player does exactly what I do not want it to do.

Anyone have ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Stefanie Lawless

Hi James!

Yes, you can renumber your scenes by cutting and pasting them where you want them to follow. Sometimes it takes a few times to get the numbering correct, cut keep cutting and pasting until it follows the way you would like. In addition, cutting a scene will also "break" any triggers that jump folks to that scene, but you can adjust those triggers after you have it set the way you would like!

Check out this short video (no audio) on how I made that work!