Changing the Slide Sequence in Storylines- Errors


I'm trying to move a slide within a scene to a different location within the scene (to spot #2 instead of #17). I tried to copy and paste and I tried clicking on the slide and moving it to the proper place. Each time a Storyline Error Report window opens stating something went wrong, the program may shut down, describe what happened and send an email to Articulate.

Is there a way to move slides around within a scene? My other option is to create a new slide and copy and paste the information.

Thanks for your ideas,


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Bruce Graham

This is an error I had 3 times yesterday, (and reported at least once...).

Do the slides, by any chance, have images on them rather than just text? That was the only thing I could see that was a common factor.

Closing SL and re-opening should allow the move to take place - once it has happened once SL seems to have a good memory and refuse any progress.