Changing the Speed of Zoom Regions not possible


I'm using zoom-areas to improve a software training. In the documentation it is mentioned that it should be possible to change the speed of a zoom-area. Neither in Storyline 2 nor in Storyline 3 I could find dis option ("Zoom Transition Speed"), is this option no longer included? is there any other way to do finetuning of zoom-areas.

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Crystal Horn

Hello Stefanie!  I'm glad you reached out.

If you right click on your zoom area on the slide, you should see a menu that includes Zoom Transition Speed.  Here's a screenshot from Storyline 3:

You can also adjust a zoom region's timing and duration on the timeline.  Just click the zoom region on the timeline panel, and drag it to where it needs to go.  You can grab either end of the zoom region on the timeline to extend or shorten its duration.

Happy to help -- just let me know what happens for you when you try to perform those steps.