Changing the state a button through a variable/ variable scope

I am trying to create a customized menu.  When the user mouses over a button, I have a slide layer come up with 4 other buttons linking to individual slides on a separate scene.  However, I don't want the next level on the menu to be activated until the previous scene has been viewed.  This ensures that all pages in the course are viewed.  I created a variable that is set to true on the last slide of each scene.  And each button on the home page is in a disabled state until the corresponding variable on the previous scene is changed to true.  It seems like this should work but it doesn't.  Any ideas why?

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David Murphy

That works!  So I can change the state of the button to Normal when the timeline starts if the variable sec1 is greater than 0. 

Of course, I can set the variable sec1 == 1 on the last page of the previous scene.  My intent is to enforce the learners to view all the pages in each section (as per business rules) before they go to the next. 

Thanks for your help!