Changing the state of a button to active only when all 3 layers have been visited

Hi All

I hope you can please help? I'm new to Storyline and I've been scratching my head with this issue.

I've created a slide in which I have 3 pieces of information that users need to read. I want the 'next' button I've created to be disabled, so users are unable to move to the next slide until all 3 pieces of information (3 layers) have been read. At this point the 'next' button changes to a normal state for the user to proceed.

I've created 3 buttons on the machine visual (see attached file) that the users need to press. Each button triggers 'view layer' which then triggers a motion path.

How do I create a 'state' for the next button to appear when I don't know what order the users will press the buttons? There are 3 triggers on each of the 3 layers. Is this the correct way to build this slide?

I hope this makes sense? I'd be grateful for any help with this.

Thank you.


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Benjamin Passons


Just from glancing at your file I would not "Hide objects on base layer" but rather only use the layers to host the objects that are unique to just that layer (the X buttons indicating that the learner is on that layer and the text boxes you have flying in). That way you are using only one set of buttons across the base layer and all three subordinate layers. Then you can set up the next button to only work when all three buttons have been selected (you'll only be dealing with three buttons across four layers rather than 12 buttons across four layers).

I personally try and stay away from layers as much as possible. In this case I would have just used state changes and probably used SL's buttons (controls ---> buttons) rather than using ovals and hotspots, but that's just from years and years of trial and error on my part that I like to share so people new to Storyline don't have to go through what I went through!

Suzanne Irving

Thanks Wendy and Benjamin for your help, I've looked at both options.

When looking at your demo slide Wendy, I don't appear to have the equivalent of a 'multiply 1' option to trigger the change of the button state on each layer.

Thanks for the simplification tips Benjamin, this works great until I previewed it and the messages flew in front of the machine rather looking like they came out of it - if that makes sense? I'll try this again and see if I can get it to work with state changes and buttons.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Suzanne

because I re-read your reply above about wanting to have all the objects repeated on each layer for the object to appear coming in from behind - my solution was to drop them all from each layer.

You could perhaps create a group of all the items and save as a picture then only have the picture on each layer?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Suzanne

here is a really rough example of your file updated using an image and variables. The buttons can be done in any order. I have the prev and next button disabled on timeline start and then change to normal when the three variables are true.  You'll need to tweak the ovals I used to place them correctly and I removed the hotspots and used shapes that had a fill with 100% transparency.

Hope this helps