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Wendy Farmer

Hi Balen

without seeing how you have your file setup you could:

  • Have the character on the quiz slide (initial state hidden) and do a change of state when the user clicks submit (here is a quick Peek video how to do that) OR
  • Have the character on the correct layer in the state you want and have the character in a different state on the incorrect layer in the state you want.
Balen Jalal

Thank you very much Wendy. That was really helpful. The only issue I face is that when using this method with a multiple choice question, user can select all the three options for example, and in this case the different character states conflict with one another. For instance, choice 1 changes character state to happy and choice 2 changes character state to sad, but when the user selects choice 1 and 2 as an example, they will conflict. Any solution/suggestion for that ? 
In the mean time, thanks again for this useful response.



Wendy Farmer

Hi Balen

that's what I explained - without seeing how your file is setup or which question types you are using.  

In my example a T/F question they can only select one or the other radio buttons.

So you want them to answer a Multiple Response (not a Multiple Choice which can also only have one answer) question - then you would need to use triggers to change states for the number of possible combinations they could answer. I would suggest you have a state for correct, a state for incorrect and a state for try again and put the characters in those states on the feedback layers.