Changing the state of a checkmark from hidden to visible

I'm using the business circles template and am trying to recreate the effects of hover displaying content and a checkmark being added when that module is visited.

I did the hover by adding a hot spot, then triggering a layer when the mouse hovered over the hot problem. Then I added another trigger to jump to the appropriate slide when the user clicked on the hot spot. So far so good.

What I can't do is get the check mark to show up when the user goes back to the main slide. I added the checkmark to the base layer and changed it's initial state to hidden. Where I'm stuck is getting it to go back to the normal state once the user has visited the appropriate screen. I tried adding a trigger to change the state of the checkmark to normal once the hot spot is luck. I also tried adding a "visited" state to the hot spot but apparently hot spots don't have states.

I've been using Storyline for all of 3 days so I'm at the most novice of beginning levels. I've done very well up to now but this is driving me crazy.

Can anyone help!!

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Nicole Brady

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Nicole and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 

I'd agree with Bruce, it would be easier to diagnose if we were able to take a look at your .story file. If you're unable to share it here in the forums, you're welcome to share privately here, and if Bruce has a preferred method for you to share it privately with him I'll let him share that. 

Something else that you may want to look into include the order of your triggers (they'll fire from top to bottom), and therefore you'll want to make sure that they're firing prior to a trigger to jump back to the slide/layer. 

Hi Ashley,

I have tried uploading to the confidential site and it seem to kick me out or time out each time I try. Any suggestions?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nicole,

I just heard some reports that our Upload link was having some difficulty earlier that our team was looking into. I don't have an update on if that's been resolved yet. Are you not able to share it here in the forums? The other way you could share it would be to place the .story file in a public Dropbox folder and then send the link for that file - you could do that either here in the thread or as a private message.