Changing the state of an object after viewing an entire scene

Hi All,

Still relatively new to Articulate and wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to change the state of an object after viewing an entire scene. Example: The title slide has 5 topics a learner needs to explore - each topic is a button that launches a scene. I would like to link back to this slide at the end of scene and have the button altered to show that scene has been explored while the others remain 'active' and ready to be looked at...???  Thanks in advance.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Steven

create 5 T/F variables all default to false one for each scene. On the last slide of scene 1 set a trigger to adjust the scene1 variable to true when the timeline of that slide starts.

back on the title slide set a trigger to change state of button 1 to (custom state complete) when timeline starts on title slide on condition scene1 variable = true. You could have the other buttons in a disabled state if you want the scenes done in order. 

So another trigger would  be change the state of button 2 to normal when timeline starts on condition scene1 = true. 

Repeat for other scenes.