Changing the state of objects on other layers from different layers

I have 2 layers in addition to the base layer. Let's say Base Layer, Layer 1, layer 2. There is a button on layer 1. When user clicks on the button (button 1) and certain conditions are met, it goes to layer 2 (error message) and hides the button on layer 1. There is another button ( button 2) on layer 2. When the user clicks on the button 2, it hides the layer 2 (so that layer 1 one is visible). Now I also want to change the status on button 1 back to normal, but I can't see the objects on layer 1, while creating the trigger in layer 2. The other option is that I create a new slide instead of layer 2. Please advise.

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Ashish Mendiratta

Thanks for the response. Please find attached the file. In the layer "Error Message Feb", when the user clicks the button "Go Back", I would like to make the state of the button "Calculate (Cal Feb) " in the layer "Feb" to normal. However, when I create a trigger in the layer "Error Message Feb", I don't see the button named "Cal Feb" in the drop down list.