Changing the state of the Next and Prev buttons

Jun 19, 2017

Hi Everyone/Anyone,

I am having an issue with a course in which I hide the Next and Prev buttons. The course works 95% of the time but does not work for a small group of users. I can't figure out why.

The course slides have buttons which the users must view before continuing. The state of the Next/Prev buttons are changed to Hidden when the timeline starts. 

When the user selects the button, a layer is opened. The state of the button is changed to down (turns grey) through a trigger on that layer.

The Next/Prev buttons appear when the state of the button(s) is down. 

For 5% of the users the button does not grey out and the Next/Prev buttons never appear and they get stuck in the course. For almost all of these users exiting the browser and restarting will seem to fix the problem. But then I have a couple people that nothing seems to work to get the button(s) to turn grey and the Next/Prev buttons to appear.

Also, this only happens on the first slide with the triggers. Once they have exited and come back into the course it never happens again even though there are buttons on most of the screens. I thought it was just the first slide that had the issue so I did not hide the Next/Prev buttons and the problem just moved to the next slide with button(s).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Ali Goulet

Hey Caroline,

That sounds really strange, especially since it's so sporadic for your users! Sorry it's been giving you and your users headaches. Let's figure out what's happening here.

I have a few questions to start with:

  1. Where are your users accessing the course from? (for instance: a website, Learning Management System, or Articulate Online)
  2. Do you know what browser the users experiencing this issue are using?
  3. What version of Storyline was this course created in? 

Keep me posted!

Ali Goulet

Thanks for those details, Caroline. That's a puzzling one for sure! 

I reached out to our Support Engineers on your behalf to investigate this further with you directly. They'll be reaching out to you via email, so keep an eye out for ! 

It'll be helpful if you can share your .story project file with them for testing purposes, as well. Click here to upload it privately and directly to your case.

I'll be following along with your case too, as I'm really curious to know the cause here. 

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