Changing the status of the object which is on Slide Master layer.

Oct 12, 2012

On Slide Master:

When user clicks the "show layer" button on base layer and when the variable "lesson" is true, I want to change the state of the "status" button on layer to complete.  Which is not. I don't know what is going wrong.

On Actual Slide:

I have created a button on base layer which will set the lesson variable to true.

Please find the attached Storyline file. I think the file will help you understand what I am trying to do.

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Swetha.

After some quick testing, I have been unable to achieve the desired results in your current configuration.

I have a feeling it has to do with changing states of objects that are on a layer on the slide master.  This may be by design--the contents of Slide Master Layers may simply not be directly accessible from Content Slides.

The possible work-around for now is that you would need to move all of these layers and triggers to your content slides.  However, I will be escalating this issue to the Articulate Quality Assurance Team for further investigation and clarification.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Swetha R

Thanks for your response Justin.

I want to create a menu on a layer on the Slide Master. Which will be visible only on button click, which should be on base layer of Slide Master.The menu will have the list of lessons. On each lesson completion, the status of the each lesson object in the menu should change to completion. So when changing the status of the object on Menu it checks for variable value.

I want to have that menu on all of my slides. So I want it to be on Master Slide so that, when ever I make changes to the menu, it reflects on all the slides in my course.



Justin Grenier

Thanks for the clarification,  Swetha.

It appears that for now, this will not be possible.  If you need this course immediately, you will need to implement the work-around above.

I have escalated this issue to the Articulate Quality Assurance Team to determine if this is a software defect or if it is by design.  I will keep this thread updated with any changes.  Thanks!

Swetha R

Thanks Justin!

I have already created a course with the menu and triggers on the content slides. Whenever I make changes on the menu I need to make those changes on all my 70 slides. It is so time consuming. I thought it would be nice to be able to make changes at one place and have effect on all remaining slides.

Hope we will here from the AQA team pretty soon.



Steve Flowers

Hi, Swetha - 

You can "sort of" do this. There is a limitation with Master slides that prevents you from changing the state of an object within a layer. However, you can control the visibility of layers with triggers in the master slide. I've setup menus and navigation items that have completed states in another layer. 

You can't communicate directly between a base layer and master layer, however. So you can't target a layer or object in the master slide from the base slide and vice-versa. The workaround here is to use a variable and variable listener (When > Variable Changes) to communicate globally the status change of a menu item. 

I have an example of this somewhere on the forums. Will see if I can find it.

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