Changing the timeline default setting

I'm not sure if this is the Storyline default setting, but the timeline seems to be at 440 sec for all the slides. I'm having to manually reduce it to match the audio per slide. Time consuming and annoying as most of the slides are between 20-60 sec duration for the audio. Is there a way to change this across the board more easily?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary,

That is not the default slide timeline setting (it starts at 5 seconds) but the timeline is automatically extended if you add media elements and it'll match those timelines. If you've added them and removed them the timeline remains at the length you added. 

Perhaps you had duplicated a slide or an object with the media element attached and place it on other slides and that carried over the timeline? There isn't a way to shorten the timeline for all slides so you'll need to do it slide by slide, but a number of users have shared that if you begin dragging to the left and click the left arrow key it'll shorten to the longest timeline object, so less dragging.