Changing Triggers on Duplicated Slides

Jan 08, 2018

Hoping for some help, I am working on an instructional tool in Storyline 2 that will have 4 different segments. The look/feel will be the same but the content will be different. I copied all of the slides for my 2nd segment from my 1st segment, however I am unable to change the triggers without it impacting my original slides. Is there a way to make the triggers attached to these copied/duplicated slides independent of the originals? Thank you in advance for any help and/or suggestions.

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Jenny Anderson

Thank you for the quick response. I currently don't have any variables set. The triggers I have created are simply to direct learners to another slide in the segment. For example "Jump to slide X when user "clicks" object X. I am trying to change the destination of where the learner will end up, however when I change the trigger that copied over, it's changing the trigger on the original slide as well. Stumped!

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