Changing variables when states change

Hi everybody, I want to change a variable depending on what state several characters have.

Let me explain: the user has the chance to pick the mood of several characters on a slide, and set them to either happy or sad. If all the characters are set to happy, the variable should be true; if all or some of the characters are set to sad the variable should be false. All of this should occur on the same slide.

I came up with this window when playing around with variables and thought that Articulate can do just what I was looking for: change variables depending on what states certain objects on a slide have.

Trigger Wizard

Somehow, though, I'm having trouble getting it to work... It seems that variables can't be changed by states on a single slide - or what am I getting wrong? Any ideas?

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Pierre Jouan

Hi Ed,

I made a quick test and it works for me (a banner that displays "HAPPY" when both character have been clicked as "Happy".

Here are my triggers, just in case :

The trickiest part is to trigger a check that both variables are true (triggers must have a target, you cannot catch ANY mouseclick).