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Jen Ferguson

I want to do something similar to Harri's solution - where my next button is disabled until my 3 markers have all been visited, and the media (each marker has a video file) has completed? 

Any suggestions on the best way to do this?  I'm using several markers throughout, each in the same way (video files) and we want to ensure each video is watched in its entirety. 

Thanks for your suggestions!

Jen Ferguson

Hi Ashley,

SL2 - I did set up the trigger to disable my next button when the timeline starts.  It's applying the conditions to changing the state of the next button to normal that I'm having trouble with. 

I can change the state of the next button to normal when media completes - but the trouble is I have 3 markers on my slide, each marker has 1 media file.  I want all 3 video files to play before the state of my next button changes to normal. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jen,

There isn't a way to access the media elements within the markers for a "when  media completes" trigger - so instead you may want to set the next button to be in the normal state once the user has clicked on the marker or based on a point in the slide's overall timeline (estimating how long all the media elements are).