Character jumps with talking expression

I have done this a million times with no problems but in the last weeks or so... my character size changes, moves, or even changes pose when I create a trigger to change the character expression from neutral to talking.  Depending on the pose the effect is better/worse.  Also, maybe I'm losing it, but it looks like Evangeline's eye make-up is darker/thicker when she she decided to put on mascara before talking.  

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Debra Starr

Hi: I've done a screencap of each state as it appears on the screen. Using the background you can see that she is not in the same place. I've also included the size and position indicators.

I tried the same thing on a brand new story and it's ok.

This video was done in 2.0 and upgraded. Not sure if that's an issue. However, I have done other videos that have been upgraded and this problem only seems to have started recently.

PS: I uploaded a the latest release but no luck.