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Peter Anderson

Hi Learn Something, welcome to Heroes!

You won't be able to manipulate or change the built-in characters, but if there are specific looks or uniforms you'd like to see added to our library, please feel free to make a feature request

There are several community members who have created and are creating their own characters for use in Storyline. Perhaps if you can describe exactly what you're looking for, someone will be able to point you in the right direction. 

Good luck

Jamie Morgan

 You can save the characters as PNG files by simply right-clicking on them and choosing "Save as Picture". At that point, you can edit the PNG with any graphic editing program (Fireworks, Photoshop, etc). The top picture below is the original character and the bottom picture is a very quick edit done in Photoshop. Obviously this was done quickly so a few of the shading elements are not in the bottom picture but wanted to illustrate that it can be done. Keep in mind that you'd have to make the edit to each pose/expression you plan on using for that character.

If this is something that Articulate frowns upon us doing, then pretend you never saw this post.  =-)