Character pop-up window not opening ...

I know that this is an internal network problem, but I wanted to put it out there in case I'm not the only one with this difficulty -- my network policy is blocking the pop-up window if I click on insert characters.

I'm working with my support folks to resolve the issue, but I can't imagine that our network is the only one that has some strict requirements.

If there is something specific I need to have them "allow" to help this work, I would appreciate the information.



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Justin Grenier

Greetings, Laura.

It's been a while and you've likely found a resolution to your problem, but I thought I'd try and offer my experience.

I was unable to replicate this behavior, even with the most aggressive browser popup blocking settings in place and with IE as the default browser (yuck!).

The behavior you are describing is typical of what I've seen in extremely restrictive educational environments.  A short list of software applications that are capable of blocking in-application pop-ups is as follows:

  • Novell ZenWorks
  • CrossTec SchoolVue
  • GenevaLogic Vision with Surf-Lock
  • NetOp School

If you haven't already located the source of the problem, I would recommend looking for one of these (or similar) as the potential culprit.  Good luck!