Character Remains After its Timeline Ends

Mar 17, 2015


I have a slide with three versions of the same character (since I didn't see a way to change pose--only expression). The first character is on the timeline for a number of seconds, and I'm using an off-slide shape to change her expression when the timeline of the shape starts. 

The trouble I'm having is that she stays on the screen after her timeline ends. She should just stop being there, right? So I tried adding a trigger to the shape so that her state is changed to hidden when the timelime of the shape ends. Still no luck. I can't make her go away. :-)

Maybe it's a bug...? Her other versions do come and go correctly, by timeline, behind her.

I have attached an image of the timeline and part of the slide.




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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Amy,

do you use storyline 1 or 2?

Do you have a demo file? There is no attachment in your post.

If you are using storyline 2 you do not need to use outside-the-slide-shapes to trigger the timeline.

By the way... Setting an exit-animation to your last characterpicture should remove it from the slide at the end of the timeline (no trigger ist needed).



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