Character State Change at certain point on timeline???

Jul 23, 2013

Is there any way to make a character's state change at a certain point on the timeline w/o having to click or hover or mouse over, etc? I want a character to go from normal to talking around 6 seconds in but don't know how to do this....


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Antony Snow

Hi Ashley,

If you want the state to change without the user seeing anything else, you will need to add an off-screen shape and set its start point on the timeline at 6 seconds.

You can then add a trigger to your character that changes the state to talking (if you are using the in-built characters, you don't need to create the state first as it will automatically become available for selection when you add the trigger) when the timeline of the off-screen shape starts.

I attach a very quick example so you can see what I mean (the off-screen shape is set to appear after 3 seconds as there isn't anything else happening on-screen, but you can obviously adjust this).


Stefano Posti

Yes sure, it's quite easy!

You have a character of yours in your slide, in a normal state; just insert any shape (i.e. a rectangle) drawing it OUTSIDE your slide; in the timeline, move the starting point of this rectangle at 6 second; focusing the rectangle, add an object trigger with the action "change state of character 1 to Talking when timeline starts"; in this case, the timeline of the object  starts at the 6th second...I attach a sample.

Hope it helps,


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