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Greg Faust

I wouldn't call it a crack so much as a designed feature, but, yes.

  • Insert the first State of the picture.
  • Select it.
  • Pull up the States tab (bottom of the screen, next to Timeline and Notes).
  • Edit States.

In "Edit States" mode, you can create a state and modify it all you want-- change the size, add boxes and arrows, whatever. Just select the state you want to change, and you're good to go.

It sounds like you specifically want to replace one picture with another. In "Edit States" mode, and with the appropriate state selected:

  • Select the picture you want to replace
  • Format tab up top
  • Near the left of the format ribbon is "Change Picture..."
  • Alternately, you could just delete the existing picture and copypaste or insert a new picture. Change Picture is nice, though, because it automatically sizes it to match the old picture.