After using the 30 trial, my company is moving toward purchasing Storyline and replacing Presenter.  My copy was just purchased, and I also received the #1 Character Bundle since I already had Presenter.

I was surprised that all the characters are business with ties.  I am doing software warehouse management development and need more industrial type folks.  So, right now, none of the characters will work for me.

Do I have to buy another $600.00 bundle, do you have characters other than suits?

Mary Ward

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Mary!

I'm assuming you're using the photographic characters, is that right? Have you considered using the illustrated characters? There are quite a few poses, characters and different types of attire with these characters. 

If you'd like to stay with photographic characters, i totally understand. You might be interested in the individual packs from Bundle 2. In addition to the other bundle, you can request custom photography through this contact form

Thanks Mary,


Mary Ward

Try eLearning  They offer annual subscriptions to tons of cut out people from all walks of life.  That's what I did for our warehouse management system training.  Graphics, templates, lots of good stuff.  Of course nothing is better than Storyline, but if you need industrial people, eLearning Brothers is your man.

Frank Natt

You can also try They offer monthly subscriptions for $29.99 per month or $39.99 per month. On the $39.99 per month package, you can request an unlimited amount of customized characters and scenes for your eLearning projects. The turn around time is generally four working days.

With the $29.99 subscription package, you are limited to three customization requests per month. I hope this helps.