Characters and text


Quick question. 

If I want to merge text onto a character in Storyline, how do I do it?

Eg: I want to merge our company logo and text onto the image of a character holding the piece of card.

I do not want to group them, as I cannot select a group if I then try to create a state for the character. 

Any ideas?


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Eric Santos

Hey Mits.

I tried grouping the character with the text and image inside a state - as Phil mentioned, then went ahead to add another layer to show the same character with a different pose.

Please let us know if this adds any value to what you have in mind.

Pardon me if the story file is quite messy as I made it quickly.

Attached sample story file.



Mits Jutley

Thank for the example. I understand how you have created your example, but I have attached what I want to try and do, with an example that was created a while ago.

As you can see, the textis part of the character "Laura", therefore, when a state is created getting Laure to hide, the text also is hidden.

Hope this explanation is ok.