Characters Displaying Oddly from Storyline

May 08, 2014

Hi All:

I've had a group of users out of one office report that the screen below shows up when they are are trying to access the course. Those buttons were created using the default font and everything. They claim their flash is up to date, Java's up to date, and it's not fixed when they try compatibility mode. I'm running out of ideas so if anyone else has some other way I could troubleshoot this issue, I would really appreciate it.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Holly!

I think I see what you mean - you're referring to the overlapping text on the buttons, correct?

That does look a bit odd. 

Can you tell us a little more about the project and how the learner is accessing the course, please?

• Are they viewing Flash or HTML5 output? I believe it's Flash, from your description, but I want to certain.

• Have they tried clearing their web browser cache?

• Have they tried viewing with a browser other than Internet Explorer? If not, what version of Internet Explorer are they running?

• Is this being accessed from an LMS, CD output, Web, etc.?

Thanks, Holly!

Holly Eva

Hi Christine,

Thanks for reaching back! That text is Articulate text, and they're viewing it using IE9 (it's not supposed to be Greek letters! LOL).

This course is published to an LMS and I did enable HTML5 publishing but they should be able to view the Flash outputs. This is happening on other slides within the course as well: 

I haven't had this issue with other users nor does the course act this way for me, so I'm sure it's local to their agency, just trying to pinpoint what could cause this for them, especially since they were able to see the course last week (so I'm told).

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Holly,

If it was displaying correctly for them previously, I tend to think it's a caching issue. Though, I have to admit I haven't seen one get that crazy with text display! :)

It'd be great if they could clear their cache and possibly test in a different web browser. There's only so much we can guess from where we're sitting and it's a little challenging to relay everything, but hopefully they can work with us to figure out what's causing this. 


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